About Allegheny Casualty Company

About Allegheny Casualty Company

Delivering the Future of Surety

Allegheny Casualty Company is one the nation’s most unique and innovative sureties. Founded in 1936 as Allegheny Casualty and Mutual Company, Allegheny has a long history of partnership and collaboration with some of the oldest, most trusted and most experienced surety companies and leaders in the world. Allegheny brings an eclectic mix of experience, knowledge, and service to its growing family of agents and agencies all over the country. These attributes serve as the foundation that allows our team to be more creative, more nimble and more responsive to the needs of our agents.

In the company’s 85 years of existence, Allegheny has maintained its focus around two key attributes, service and innovation. By building a culture around these two important characteristics, the company has been able to not only meet the expectations of each and every agent, but more importantly, exceed them substantially.

That was our commitment then. That is our commitment now. And that will always be our commitment moving forward.


Bonds we Service

We service contract bonds, commercial bonds (includes license/permit and miscellaneous), court bonds (including bail bonds) and financial services bonds.

Commercial Bonds

Court Bonds

Contract Bonds

Financial Services Bonds

If you want to learn more about Allegheny, or have any questions whatsoever, you can send us a message on our contact page, email us at [email protected] or call our team at (800) 500-3727.

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