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Delivering the Future of Surety
for Over 85 Years

Allegheny Casualty Company is one of the nation’s most innovative sureties

Financial Stability

Allegheny Casualty Company is licensed and operates in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico. It is part of the IAT Insurance Group, the sixth largest surety writer in the US with $1.2 billion in GAAP equity.

85 Years Experience

Founded in 1936, Allegheny Casualty Company has developed a wide range of surety experience and knowledge that spans across a diverse portfolio of industries, companies, and products.

Unmatched Service

With a relentless commitment to its growing family of independent agents and agencies, Allegheny Casualty Company strives every day to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Surety Innovation

Allegheny Casualty Company’s team is truly delivering the future of surety by providing new and effective ways to deliver breakthrough surety products to its family of agents and their customers.

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Surety Solutions

Bonds We Service

Since 1936, Allegheny Casualty Company has committed itself to providing the most innovative and advanced surety solutions in the country. From contract bonds to commercial bonds to court bonds and financial service bonds, Allegheny brings the highest level of experience and service to every bond we back. No matter the industry or complexity, Allegheny delivers state of the art surety products and services, customized underwriting, advanced technology platforms and claims solutions to each and every customer and client.

Contract Bonds

Contract bonds are a broad group of surety bonds designed to guarantee the fulfillment of a contract. These types of bonds are extremely common in the construction industry and are often referred to as construction bonds.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds are typically lower risk bonds that are utilized during commercial transactions. These types of bonds are used to ensure compliance with state licensing and permitting regulations and requirements.

Court Bonds

Court bonds are a unique category of surety bonds that are utilized in the legal system. These types of bonds are most often used to limit losses from a ruling or ensure a party will fulfill their responsibility based on the outcome of a specific case.

Financial Services Bonds

Banks and financial institutions typically obtain these types of bonds in order to protect themselves and their customers in cases of employee theft, forgery, fraud and other types of dishonest activity.

If you want to learn more about Allegheny, or have any questions whatsoever, you can send us a message on our contact page, email us at [email protected] or call our team at (800) 500-3727.


Branded Portals & API Solutions

At Allegheny Casualty Company, we see our role as much more than just providing “paper.” We see our team as a true partner and collaborator with your business; with the ultimate goal of making you and your agency as successful as possible. Whether you need assistance with a back-end management system or advice on innovative marketing strategies, our team is here to help.

Branded Portal Design – word mark

Our proprietary software, accolade, allows your team to efficiently manage everything from bond production to inventory to accounts receivable.


API Development

We can design a custom API for your agency that provides you with the ability to offer unique products and services to your clients that no other agency can.

If you would like to learn more about our technology solutions, contact our team at (800) 500-3727.

File a Claim

Our claims team is committed to providing you with the fastest and most efficient claims process possible. You can easily submit a claim by choosing a claim option below.

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